Internationaler Ärzteappell 2012 zum Schutz von Mensch, Umwelt und Demokratie

About us

We are a group of physicians from all across Germany and international with the “Competence Initiative for the Protection of Humanity, the Environment and Democracy e.V.” an internationally active organization with an interdisciplinary focus, who are concerned with the effects of wireless communication technologies. We are dedicated to maintaining the natural basis of life as it relates to human health.

Due to medical observations and our experience with our patients, we have come to the conclusion that precautionary action is urgently needed. Even cell phone manufacturers have realized it, instructing their customers in the fine print to keep a safety distance. The insurance industry has drawn its own conclusions from analyzing the scientific evidence: health risks of the cell phone industry are not insured.

If you educate yourself about the health effects and risks, you have a choice and can decide to take precautionary action—for your own health, the health of your friends, relatives, and the patients entrusted to your care.


 The international editorial team